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How we can support the efficienty of your team

Teams are made of people and people need to be motivated and work together to obtain good results.

With this module we offer a very specific kind of support that will make your team function optimally.  We do coaching, conflict handling , team building and individual coaching.

Phalcor has developped this topic in practise during live projects over more than a decade.  Our support is provided by a skilled professional with over 30 years of experience in people coaching.  The coaching is done starting from the personal living environment of the person.  This means that the personal life requirements and restrictions are taken into account such that not only the co-worker feels good about the project but also the nearest and dearest are coached so they too understand the difficulty but also the benefit of the project.  In doing this, co-worker to the project feels that the personal environment is taken into account which in turn reflects on the efficiency of the perfomance.

Taking into account that a project is done by people for whom the personal life is a priority avoids negative effects during the project but also afterwards for the families involved.  This type of psycho-social support is inniqua in the industry and world of project management


What We Do

We provide specialist solutions for practical problems that exists in most process installations.  PHALCOR is supported by a very wide network of specialists in all different fields and all different disciplines.  Our network is very much alive and constantly expanding all over the globe.   

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About Us

Here you will find CV's of  some of our senior specialists.  In case are interested to contact our specialists or if you have a problem you would like to discuss, please do so by filling out the contact form on the contact page . .

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News and Events

Training sessions to take place soon.  Location and programms will be refreshed regularly.  Check here for new events and training programms..

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