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Training programs

In addition to the training programms below, we provide custom made training programs that suit the particular situation of your company .  One of our success formulas is the support to project teams and project people in setting up the team and supporting the individuals with their specific needs.  Projects can be very demanding and internal conflicts will have a serious negative influence on the results.  Phalcor has developped a special support service to deal with this challenge.

Safety culture;  What is your safety culture?   cul.exe ,  the generative organisation  gen.exe

Process Safety for managers;  Managers do not have to become experts in process safety however, it is essential for management to have a basic knowledge about their responsibilities and the impact of their decissions for the company. Process Safety is not only influenced by a very diverse array of disciplines but most of all it is the vision and understanding of management that plays a defining role in the safety results of the company.

Process Safety For Engineers;  In these sessions engineers discover not only  the basics of process safety but we elaborate also on the different ways engineers can influence the safety of an installation even for many years after an installation has been commissioned.  Many problems can remain hidden for a long time.  However, an unfortunate sequence of events can unleache a huge catastrophy often triggered by very trivial technical initiators.  Engineers can be trained to recognise these technical issues long before these can cause any harm and find proper solutions that will avoid problmes in the future. In addition the effect of good engineering practice on process safety is demonstarted by means of examples .  One is the film Safer Piping

HAZOP training; We train HAZOP leaders not only in HAZOP technique.  HAZOP is a fairly simple technique to master.  However, a good HAZOP leader has skills that range from true multidisciplinary insight in technical matters to understanding the psychology of people and understanding their behaviour in dangerous situations. The quality of a HAZOP depends largly on the quality of the people who performed it.  It influences the lives of many so a decent training is a must.  We train, guide  and evaluate the candidates during their sessions so we can assure true master competence.

LOPA training;  More and more the LOPA technique is being used to find adequate and practical solutions to process safety problems.  We train you in the practical application of LOPA.  We also explain how LOPA can be explained in a very simple way to participants in the LOPA process.  This way you will benefit the most of the exercise.

  Introduction LOPA ( dutch version)

SAFETY AWARENESS FOR EVERYONE;  In this course we explain how process safety is influenced by all involved in either the engineering, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a process installation.  It is a great course that provides insights into the responsibility of people involved in the process industry. This course will open your eyes and provide you with a better understanding into true process safety aspects.

  short introduction to an extensive course

SAFETY INSTRUMENTED SYSTEMS FOR MAINTENANCE SPECIALISTS; To design and install a SIS is one thing.  To keep it functional througout it's complete lifetime is someting entirely different.  The practical limitations of day to day life in a maintenance organisation will challenge anyone who is given the responsibility to do so. We have been thee and done this. So let us help you to do the same.

PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION OF IEC 61511; IEC 61511 is a great guide but how to implement this in practice.  We did this with succes in different companies.  Providing a practical solution based on own experience.  We can guide and train your people to do the same.  Save money and get results fast without loss of efficiency.

 An extract of a succesfull application


What We Do

We provide specialist solutions for practical problems that exists in most process installations.  PHALCOR is supported by a very wide network of specialists in all different fields and all different disciplines.  Our network is very much alive and constantly expanding all over the globe.   

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About Us

Here you will find CV's of  some of our senior specialists.  In case are interested to contact our specialists or if you have a problem you would like to discuss, please do so by filling out the contact form on the contact page . .

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News and Events

Training sessions to take place soon.  Location and programms will be refreshed regularly.  Check here for new events and training programms..

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